Houston, we have a (Twitter) Problem

Well guys at Twitter have now decided that it needed to change the way automated twitter updates are uploaded.

Unfortunately it means that until Steve the author of Cumulus can provide an updated version then there will be no twitter updates from Batley Weather.

It sound very much like poor old Steve is fed up of Twitter changing things that he may abandon Twitter altogether as it is not a required part of Cumulus.

If that is the case I will endeavour to find an alternative method of providing automated Twitter updates.

I hope to get a resolution to the problem soon.



The problem has now been resolved thanks to Steve from Sandaysoft releasing an update to Cumulus.
Thanks Steve!

Now installed and Twitter updating normally again.


New Webcam

Just bought a new webcam as the old Wanscam is getting past it’s sell by date.

The new cam is a Huacam HCV725 Dome Camera.

Huacam HCV725
Huacam HCV725

It is running on test at the moment and can be viewed on the web site.

The daytime performance is quite good, but unfortunately it was unusable at night as there were reflections from the IR LED’s getting into the lens and causing flare.

I cured this temporarily by putting some black insulation tape on the body of the camera where the glass is held in. ┬áIt isn’t very pretty but it works.
I will get the matt black paint out and make a more permanent job of it before it goes live.

Another job to do is to build some sort of shelter to try and keep the rain and snow off the lens.
I’m going to mount it upside down, so it will look a bit like a frog eye and needs some form of protection.

Wishing you all the best for the New Year.